How to Register

Your future awaits! Build your spring schedule and register early for the most options.

Schedule of Classes

You can find classes using the MyUNT online class search.

For Spring 2022: Students should review class information using MyUNT. As the Spring 2022 transition of instruction delivery is finalized, details for each course section can be found in the Search of Classes through MyUNT by simply clicking on that section. There you will find tabs for details, meeting information and section notes. This is where you will see specific information on how a course will be taught.

Option 1: Use MyUNT to Find Classes

Listings for Distance Education and Web-Based Courses are also available at Click on the Search Courses of Browse Courses links, then select the semester.

Option 2: Use Visual Schedule Builder

Visual Schedule Builder is a tool designed to assist students in planning their academic schedule. It allows you to graphically view schedule options based on the courses and offering times that works best for you. For additional information please read the help documentation.

1: Pick your classes

There are two ways to view classes while preparing your schedule:

  1. Search for classes online
  2. Use MyUNT to find classes
  3. See your advisor
2: Clear any holds on your account

Check the 'Holds' section of the Student Center on Holds are applied for a number of reasons:

  1. Library fines - pay your fine before you register.
  2. Advising holds - See your advisor to get the necessary code.
  3. The Student Financial Obligation Hold must be cleared each semester before registering.
3: Register for classes at
  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your EUID and password
    • Use the “Enrollment” title to access everything you need to add, drop, swap and update course registration.
    • The “Enrollment” title includes your current class schedule, the class search, Visual Schedule Builder link to search for classes, enroll, your shopping cart, drop and swap, and Enrollment dates available for you.
    • Use the online MyUNT Enrollment Guide to learn how to add, drop swap and update your classes.
  3. When you’ve finished registering, don't forget to print your schedule and your bill.
  4. What if a class I need is closed?

Be sure you know these important deadlines for Spring 2022.

Spring Registration

Spring 2022 Dates
4: Paying for college
5: What happens next