Winter Session registration will open October 2024


Winter Session is a three-week session taught within the Spring term. The same amount of content is covered in a shorter time frame compared to what is normally covered during a 16-week semester. Winter Session classes are scheduled from December 18, 2023 to January 12, 2024.
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Save and Soar tuition plan participants enrolled in 14 or more semester credit hours during Fall 2023 are eligible for Winter Session discounts.
1. General Winter 3W1 Session Questions

A. What classes are offered? Please refer to the Spring 2024 Schedule of Classes for the current listing of Winter Session classes. Winter Session classes are offered in person and online.

B. Are there 3W1 classes during the holidays? No classes are held during the winter break, which is December 25, 2023 through December 29, 2023,  with no classes held on New Year’s Day.

C. How do I register for winter session 3W1 classes? Current students can register for the Winter Session during their regularly scheduled registration appointment period for Spring 2024 registration. Students register for Winter Session classes the same way as other classes using their myUNT Portal.

D. Who is eligible to enroll in the 3W1 session? All new and continuing UNT students can enroll for the Winter Session. New UNT students must be admitted to the university and complete orientation by the established deadline for enrolling in the winter session. Continuing students may enroll during their regular Spring 2024 registration time period.

2. Tuition and Payment Questions

A. What is the payment deadline for the winter session 3W1 classes? The payment deadline is Friday, December 15, 2023. Students registering after that date will be required to pay on the same day they register.

B. When will my financial aid disburse if I take classes during the winter session 3W1? Financial Aid funds will disburse to the student’s account on or after the spring disbursement date. The first spring disbursement date is scheduled for 10 days before spring classes start. Students will need to plan accordingly for purchasing textbooks for the Winter Session. As needed, Student Accounting will begin issuing refunds the week of January 5, 2024.

C. Will an installment plan be available for the winter session 3W1? Yes. Students can select an installment plan for the spring semester that will include the Winter Session classes. The first payment for students registered during the Winter Session is due Friday, December 15, 2023. Students registering after that date will be required to pay the first payment on the same day they register.

D. Will anticipated or pending financial aid be considered for the payment deadline? Yes. The Winter Session is considered part of the spring term. Spring anticipated aid can be used to assist with securing Winter Session classes until financial aid is able to disburse. Students with enough anticipated aid posted for Spring 2024 to cover their entire balance due for the Winter Session will not be required to make payment.

3. Academic Questions
A. How will winter session 3W1 grades show on my transcript? Grades will be viewable via the myUNT portal approximately three business days after the end of the session. While grades are viewable online, official transcripts for spring will not be available until the end of the Spring 2024 term. The Winter Session is considered part of the spring term.